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A systematic study of monsoon variability in India's agricultural system
Milind Kandlikar (CMU), James Risbey (CMU), Anand Patwardhan (IIT-Bombay), David Yates (Colorado), Ken Strzepek (Colorado)

Tropical cyclones
Anand Patwardhan, IIT-Bombay

Rainfall variability
Anand Patwardhan, IIT- Bombay

Agricultural system vulnerability
Anand Patwardhan, IIT- Bombay

Characterization of the Meridional Temperature Gradient (MTG):
James Risbey (CMU), Alix Gitelman, Richard Rosen, Robert Kass

Use of Monsoon Forecast Information
James Risbey (CMU), Milind Kandlikar (CMU), Anand Patwardhan, David Yates, Ken Strzepek

Developing Regional Climate Scenarios
James Risbey (CMU), Joel Smith, Shannon Ragland