Title Tradable Emissions Allowance Instruments for the Control of Air Pollution and Climate Change
 Collaborators Alex Farrell (CMU), Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU), Scott Farrow (CMU), Benoit Morel (CMU)
 Keywords Carbon Dioxide, NOx, SO2, Tradable Emissions Allowances, Environmental Regulation, International Environmental Policy, Pollution
 Abstract Marketable emissions allowance regimes have been studied by economists for thirty years and have been instituted in a number cases in the United States and Europe. They are also one of the main issues in the current debate on how to implement a greenhouse gas reduction policy under the Framework Convention on Climate Change. This research effort evaluates both theoretical and practical issues in the design, implementation, and performance of tradable emissions allowance regimes at the sub-national, national, and international levels. One of the key issues is the development of markets for emissions allowances and the evolution of regulatory regimes to include emissions allowances.