Title Socio-economic change: factors affecting human vulnerability to global change
 Collaborators Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU)
 Keywords socio-economic factors, human vulnerability, adaptation, climate change, climate policy, public health

Socio-economic factors are paramount in human vulnerability to environmental conditions and recovery from their impacts. Climate change is a long-term issue during which socio-economic conditions can be expected to evolve from present conditions. The Center is already engaged in estimating the interactions among: climate change, climate policy, and socio-economic dynamics. We have also identified a body of contradictory evidence on the relationship between socio-economic development and provision of public health. Finally, the answer to key issues such as the persistence of public health measures, preferences adopted by (or introduced to) populations, and interventions in the face non-marginal global change is unknown. For example, while many infectious diseases were effectively controlled during the Soviet era, will the recent socio-economic upheavals lead to re-emergence of old problems?

We are inviting public health experts (from China, Russia, US, etc.) to provide a longitudinal perspective on the dynamics of public health interventions. A series of commissioned papers and elicitation of experts will provide systematic information on the dynamics of health service provision during times of: plenty, sustained commitment, crisis, and prolonged economic downturn.