Title Impact of Air Pollution and Weather on Daily Mortality
 Collaborators Luis Cifuentes (DICTUC), Lester Lave (CMU)
 Keywords air pollution, human health, weather, mortality, impact studies

1. To explore the association between daily mortality and air pollution and weather
2. To explore the existence of a threshold in the association between air pollution and daily mortality
3. To explore the nature of the deaths (harvesting hypothesis)


1. Collection of data for 5 US Cities: weather, air pollution, daily deaths.
2. Validation of the data
3. Direct weather impact review (Kalkstein et al literature)
4. Analysis for each city:

a) weather impacts
b) pollution impacts
c) interactions
d) thresholds
e) nature of the deaths

Expected Results:

1 Concentrations-response curves for air pollution and weather related deaths, applicable to risk analyses.
2 Threshold for pollution effects.