Title Agricultural system vulnerability
 Collaborators Anand Patwardhan (IIT- Bombay)
 Keywords Agruculture, India, climate variability, Green Revolution

This work aims at developing an understanding of the vulnerability of the
agricultural system as a whole (as distinct from individual crops) to
climate variability. Year-to-year variations in the quantity and value of
agricultural output may be caused by a variety of factors, in which
climate is only one. Using national and state-level data for: the area,
production and value of output for a range of agricultural commodities
including foodgrains, cereals, cash crops as well as fruits and
vegetables, we are examining the following questions:

- as the mix of crops and their relative proportions has changed over the
last four decades, is there any observable change in the total variance of
the output, after accounting for climate variability?
- The Green Revolution caused a significant change in the productivity as
well as crop mix in certain states. Is there a difference in the output
variance before and after this event?