Title Psychology of Cooperation Project
 Collaborators Tim McDaniels (UBC), Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU), Lisa Ditschun (UBC), Larry Axelrod (UBC)
 Keywords social psychology, commons, cooperation, adaptive agents

This small project involves a review of the social psychology literature on cooperation in commons-type problems. The intent is to identify various principles that have been shown to foster cooperation in various experimental contexts, as well as examples of they have worked or been applied, where possible. Eventually, the intent is to use these principles as the basis for modeling the evolution of cooperation with adaptive agents within the center's ICAM framework.


1. What are some approaches for fostering co-operation in common property resource problems?

2. How does one encourage co-operation between different parties and governments when working on models for global environmental change? What encourages co-operation when working on global issues?

The purpose of the literature review is to identify principles of co-operation as shown in academic literature, and if possible, the situations in which they have been successfully applied. Issues to be focused on in the literature include: co-operation models for commons
dilemmas and common property resource dilemmas and in global environmental issues if possible.