Title Enhancing development and diffusion of environmentally-friendly energy supply technologies in China
 Collaborators Xiaolin Xi, Qian Du, Junfeng Li, Zhengmin Zhang, Lan Xue, Zulin Shi
 Keywords China, technology development, wind power generation, renewable energy, photovoltaic system, technology dissemination, expert elicitation
 Abstract This project entered into its implementation stage in May right after our Center's 1998 May meeting. Research contents: The project focuses on renewable energy technologies as stipulated in the SOW. After careful consideration, the project selects large wind power generation equipment and household photovoltaic system as two areas for detailed investigation in addition to general investigation of the whole renewable energy sector.
China has a great market potential for wind power equipment with usable wind power resources of over 250 GW, so many foreign companies, including some American firms, hurry into Chinese market with favorable government loans and currently have 99% of Chinese market. Infant domestic industry is facing a lot of serious problems for its development. The photovoltaic system has different features with scattering but huge number of potential users. China already has its industry for two decades, but its technological level is behind the world advanced level and the industry's competitiveness is weak. photovoltaic system serves mainly the poorest people in rural areas, but very high price and poor marketing system are major obstacles to disseminating the technologies.
We plan to investigate current status and problems and try to make recommendations on development strategies and policies for solving various technological and institutional problems in the sector's technological innovation, which covers from R&D, demonstration to commercialization, marketing and diffusion.