• For your own copy of our two-page brochure describing the Center's Mission, Principal Investigators, Advisory Board, some Project Titles, Sources of Funding, and Contact Information, download the 2 PDF files below.

Center Brochure, Page 1
Center Brochure, Page 2

  • Circulated material, including drafts and discussion papers, that is supported by the Center should acknowledge Center Support.  Templates can be downloaded below.

Paper Cover/Acknowledgement Page (Word document): It contains the Center logo, but other logos be added to the one from the Center if the project has multiple funding. It also includes an acknowledgements block that includes the names and contract numbers from our current supporters. The header and footer blocks will need to be revised by inserting the running header and author names. 

Letterhead (Word document):  All you need to do is to modify the header and footer blocks to reflect your particular information.

Presentation:  Powerpoint template with the Center logo and acknowledgements.

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