The following is a list of up-to-date events for 1999-2000.

To make changes to an event or add an event, please contact Terri Jones at Center for Integrated Study of the Human Dimensions of Global Change, EPP, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, or call at 412-268-1087.

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January 16, 2001
Paul Rutter, Green Operations Technology
British Petroleum-Amoco, United Kingdom Division

January 18, 2001
Scott Farrow, Carnegie Mellon, EPP-Center for the Study and Improvement of Regulation
"Merging Risk Assessment and Real Options: A Proposal for a Quantitative Approach to the Precautionary Principle"

February 1, 2001
Minh Ha Duong, Carnegie Mellon, EPP-HDGC and Centre Internationale de Recherche sur L'Environment et le Development (CIRED) France
"Transparency and Control in Engineering Integrated Assessment Models"

February 8, 2001
Ed Rubin, Carnegie Mellon, EPP-Center for Energy and Environmental Studies
"Multi-Pollutant Emission Control of Electric Power Plants"

February 22, 2001
Wes Cohen, Carnegie Mellon, EPP-SDS
"Protecting Their Intellectual Assets: Appropriability Conditions and Why U.S. Manufacturing Firms Patent (and Not)"

March 1, 2001
Henry Willis, Carnegie Mellon, EPP-HDGC
"It's Not Easy Thinking Green: Public Perceptions of Ecological Risks"

March 8, 2001
Scott Matthews, Research Director, Carnegie Mellon, Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Green Design Initiative "Economic and Environmental Implications of Online Retailing: A Case Study of Book Publishing"

March 15, 2001
Rahul Tongia, Carnegie Mellon, EPP
"Telecom and Data Networks in India: The Other Infrastructure"

March 22, 2001
Mike Dekay, Carnegie Mellon, EPP-Heinz School of Public Policy and Management
"Reversals in Assessments of Outcome Utilities: The Result of Precautionary Decision Making?"

March 29, 2001
Felicia Wu-Morris, CMU, Carnegie Mellon, EPP
"Applying Quantitative Formulations of the Precautionary Principle to Evaluation of Bt Corn Risks and Benefits"

April 5, 2001
David Dzombak, CMU-Civil and Environmental Engineering
"Testifying in Congress: Lessons from the Pros"

April 12, 2001
Mark Rosenzwieg, Economics Chair, University of Pennsylvania
"Population Growth, Income Growth and Deforestation: Management of Village Common Land in India"

April 24, 2001
Udaya Rao, Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Lab
"Materials R & D for Fossil Energy Power Systems"

May 3, 2001
Peter Reinelt, EPP-HDGC
"Betting with the Planet: Uncertain Knowledge and Global Warming Policy"

May 25, 2001
Bill Gunter, Alberta Research Council in Edmonton, Canada
"Mitigation of CO2: Geological Use and Storage"

June 7, 2001
Rita Bajura, DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory
"Carbon Sequestration"

June 12, 2001
Anand Patwardhan, India Institute of Technology
"Historical Patterns of Tropical Storm Incidence and Impacts on the East Coast of India"

June 21, 2001
Hadi Dowlatabadi, EPP-HDGC,
What I Have Learned Over the Last 10 Years"

August 29, 2001
Hisham Zerriffi, CMU-Doctoral Candidate
Political Power: Electricity Planning and the Uncertain Transition From Conflict in the Palestinian Case

September 5, 2001
Alex Farrell, CMU-HDGC
The design of environmental assessments: Evidence on the effectiveness of processes to provide scientific advice to policy-makers

September 12, 2001
Benoit Morel, EPP
Terrorism and Foreign Policy

September 19, 2001
Stephen Farber, University of Pittsburgh
Valuing Coastal Barrier Islands

September 26, 2001
Tim Johnson, CMU-Doctoral Candidate
"Fossil Electricity with CO2 Sequestration: How Unit Dispatch, Natural Gas Prices and Initial Conditions Determine the Cost of Controlling CO2 Emissions"

October 3, 2001
Jeffrey Hunker, Heinz School
"Cyber Security and the Problems of Network Externalities"

October 10, 2001
Julie Downs, CMU-SDS
"Sexual Decision-Making: An Application of Mental Models to Adolescent Health"

October 24, 2001
David Keith, CMU-EPP-HDGC
"Mitigating CO2 Emissions in Canada: Acid Gas on my Summer Holidays"

October 29, 2001
Nick Shorr, Post doctoral Candidate, Wakeforest College
"Why Campo Alegrans are more worried about weeds than about trees or soils: Impacts and understandings in the intensification of swidden agriculture"

October 31, 2001
Benoit Morel, EPP Faculty
"How Rational Are 'Rational' Options?"

November 5, 2001
Alex Farrell, CEIC/EPP/ HDGC Faculty
"Recent developments in CO2 and Other Emission Trading"

November 7, 2001
Manoj Guha, American Electric Power Co
"The Role of Coal in Sustainable World Energy Developments and Why Carbon Sequestration Will be Necessary Under Every Possible Scenarios"

November 14, 2001
Wes Cohen, CMU-SDC Faculty
"Links and Impacts: The Influence of Public Research on Industrial R&D "

December 3, 2001
Dr. V. Aatre, Scientific Advisor and Secretary, Ministry of Defense, India

December 5, 2001
Conrad Steenkamp, CMU-HDGC
"Expert planning, development aid and environmental conservation: The case of the Makuleke Ecotourism Project"

December 12, 2001
Scott Farrow, EPP-CSIR Faculty
"Pollution Trading in Water Quality Limited Area: Use of Benefits Assessment and Trading Ratios"


January 10, 2000

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
A Personal Perspective on Global Change
Mr. Paul O'Neil
More Info

February 14, 2000

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
Factors Responsible for the Resurgence of  Vector-Borne Diseases in the Waning Years of the 20th Century: Climate vs. Demographic, Societal and Other Changes
Dr. Duane Gubler
More Info

March 13, 2000

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
This View of Earth
Dr. Jay Apt
More Info

April 10, 2000

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
Our Common Journey: Navigating the Sustainability Transition
Dr. Robert Kates
More Info

May 8, 2000

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
Detecting Climate Change and its Attribution to Human Activities
Prof. Dr. Klaus Hasselmann
More Info


December 13, 1999

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
Conscience and Consumption
Rabbi Yitzhak Husband-Hankin
More Info

November 8, 1999

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
Environment and Trade: Can They Be  Reconciled?
Prof. Edith Brown-Weiss
More Info

October 11, 1999

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
Alternative Automobile Fuels: Implications for  Global Warming, Sustainability, and Urban Air Pollution
Prof. Lester Lave
More Info

October 4-6, 1999 

NSF Site Review
More Info (PDF)

September 20, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
Betting on DICE: The policy implicaitons of parametric uncertainty representation, feedbacks, and the absence of risk aversion in the DICE model
Peter Reinelt
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley

Time: Noon
Location: EPP conference room.  

September 15, 1999 

Annual Advisory Board Meeting
More Info (PDF)  

September 13, 1999

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
Climate and Culture Change in Eastern North America
Prof. David G. Anderson
More Info

May 23-27, 1999
The Annual Meeting of the Center for Integrated Study of the Human Dimensions of Global Change, Pittsburgh
More Info

May 10, 1999

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
Forecast Cloudy: The Limits of Global Warming Models
Peter Stone, Massachussetts Institute of Technology
More Info

April 28, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
Mental Models of Disease: Lessons for Intervention
Elizabeth Casman

April 21, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
The Use of Bayesian Approaches in Environmental Decision-making
Mitchell Small

April 14, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
The Role of High-resolution GCMs in Assessment of Climate Change
Charles Keller

April 12, 1999

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
Simulating Climate at Extremely High Resolution: The Next Big Step in Understanding
Charles F . Keller, Los Alamos National Laboratory
More Info

April 7, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
Toxic Releases from Power Plants: The Next Shoe to Drop
Ed Rubin

March 31, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
Air Pollution, Health, and Development: The Indian Experience
Milind Kandlikar

March 24, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
Technological Innovation in Air Pollution Control Technologies
Margaret Taylor

March 10, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
Climate Change Policy: A Perspective from the White House
Rosina Bierbaum

March 8, 1999

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
Climate Change Impacts and the Policy Imperative
Rosina Bierbaum, President's Office of Science and Technology Policy
More Info

March 3, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
Global Environmental Change: What can we Learn from the Mathematical Analysis of Complex Systems?
Benoit Morel

February 24, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
Gains from Trade between CSIR and CIS-HDGC: Performance Measurement, Options, and Emissions Trading
Scott Farrow
More Info

February 17, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
Adaptive Management for Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Hadi Dowlatabadi

February 10, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
The Co-evolution of Environmental Science and Policy:
Examples from Regional Air Pollution Management in the U.S. and Europe
Alex Farrell, Carnegie Mellon University
More Info

February 8, 1999

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
Polar Crocodiles: A 55-Million-Year Perspective on Global Warming and Cooling
Mary Dawson, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
More Info

February 3, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
Expert Eliciation of Ecosystems Impacts of Climate Change
Granger Morgan
More Info

January 27, 1999

Global Change Lunch Seminar series
Valuing Future Outcomes: Discounting, Time Preference, and Identity
Shane Fredrick
More Info

January 11, 1999

Carnegie Lectures on Global Change
Why are Economists Meddling in Environmental Policy and Why is It Good That They Are?
Paul Portney, Resources for the Future
More Info


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